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The Theatres

The Theatres have been completely remodeled from the ground up and expanded to 9 screens to provide the best movie watching experience available. There’s something for everyone, with our wide selection of titles from current Hollywood hits to foreign films, from independent selections to the classics back on the big screen. Along with fine selections from Gusto Cafe and Bar we also offer all the traditional favorites of the movie-theatre purists – buttered popcorn, Coca-Cola ® products and preferred candies are available for your enjoyment.

The Sounds

The brand new, entirely digital high quality surround-sound audio system at The Theatres transports you right to the middle of the action – in every scene. Immerse yourself in superior quality audio, every time.

The Tastes

Chef Adolfo Garcia’s Gusto Café and Bar at The Theatres features small plates inspired by savory Mediterranean cuisine and delectable local favorites. The handcrafted menu elevates popcorn and soda to a whole new level and promises to put a new spin on dinner and a movie. Let Gusto’s courteous and friendly staff take care of you as you dine at the Café or right at your seat, while watching the movie. First class is only a push of the call button away.

A well-chosen list of interesting wine complements Chef Adolfo's Mediterranean inspired menu, and handcrafted cocktails pay homage to movie favorites.

The Comfort

Every seat is the best seat in the house – enjoy our stadium style seating and high backed plush leather chairs, equipped with a personal table, and our motorized deluxe recliners in our VIP auditorium. Savor every moment of the movie experience as you sit back, relax and enjoy the show while sipping wine or savoring a small plate from Gusto. For your convenience, each chair is equipped with its own drink holder and a call button for in-seat service throughout the show.

The In-Seat Service

No need to get up and stand in line - relax while Gusto's courteous and friendly staff takes care of you as you sit and enjoy the movie.

The Reserved Seating

Reserve your seats online in advance for all features. You can then pick your tickets up at our box office or convenient ticketing kiosk.

The Sights

The newly renovated interior of The Theatres at Canal Place features a contemporary design and lighting and serves as a welcoming place to relax with friends before or after the show. Sip on some wine and enjoy Mediterranean small plates at the Gusto Bar or place your order directly inside the auditorium, as you relax in an oversized plush leather chair.

Each auditorium at The Theatres is outfitted with the latest in digital movie projectors to provide you with the clearest and most immersive visual experience available.